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Check out articles from our Nutritionists and Sales Reps, discussing important topics relating to your animals nutrition, and the Feedlot landscape. We'll share stories and videos from some of our customers, discussing our products, and how they have benefited from using them.

Rearing Calves

By Emma Peters

Historically seen as a by-product of the dairy industry, rearing calves is a specialised field and is the fundamental cornerstone for the continuum of the vitality and productivity of any dairy herd.

Calf Image from Kym M 1.jpg
Preg scanning ewes.jpg

Why Preg Scan?

By Leesa Flanagan

Understanding the reproductive performance of your flock not only helps you make informed decisions but also improve profitability. Pregnancy scanning is a relatively non-invasive method to give an insight into the productivity of each of your ewes.

Elite Pig Chill Out Premix Diagram.png

Protect your pigs from Heat Stress

By Emily Boothey

Summer is knocking on the door and the hot weather is already ripping through parts of the country so it’s time to start considering the options to protect your animals against heat stress.

Pre-joining ram preparation and hoof health

By Leesa Flanagan

As joining approaches, it is important to ensure that rams are in the best possible condition.


Ewe Nutrition Post Weaning

By Leesa Flanagan

Ewe nutrition and body condition have a significant influence on conception rates, and consequently, lambing rates.

Graeme Pope ROCA Merit Award.jpg

Graeme Pope receives ROCA Merit Award

Our very own Sales Consultant and Pig Expert, Graeme Pope was recently presented with the 2022 Roseworthy Old Collegians Association (ROCA) Award of Merit. The ROCA Award of Merit is the highest award of honour awarded to former graduates of the University of Adelaide's Roseworthy Agricultural College & Roseworthy Campus.

The benefits of creep feeding young stock

By Emma Peters

Creep feeding encourages the early intake of concentrate feed by young stock, promoting early rumen development. Early rumen development is crucial to allow weaning at the youngest possible age without compromising growth rates.


Raising the next generation

By Emma Peters

From the moment a heifer conceives, right up until she gives birth, her health and well-being are paramount. Her nutritional requirements are met, and she receives individual care and attention throughout gestation and birth to ensure her safety and the safety of her unborn calf.

How NFS can help farmers hit their Growth Targets

By Emily Boothey

Given the current climate with increasing feed costs, static pig prices and variable raw material availability it’s important to make sure you’re getting the basics correct to be successful.

NFS Pig web header.png

Nathan Kemp about NFS

Thoughts on National Feed Solutions

Sheep and Pig Farmer Nathan Kemp from Birchip discusses his relationship with us and why he keeps on using our products to help improve his farm.

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