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Raising the next generation

By Emma Peters - Technical Sales
Published 27th October 2022

It’s no surprise that dairy farmers are busy people – with milking twice, if not three times a day, maintaining fences, farm equipment, and machinery, as well as, ensuring all animals have access to feed and fresh water, a day off is hard to come by. Despite this, I’m sure they’ll tell you that animal care is a step that is never overlooked. It is critical that the next generation of milkers is set up for success.

From the moment a heifer conceives, right up until she gives birth, her health and well-being are paramount. Her nutritional requirements are met, and she receives individual care and attention throughout gestation and birth to ensure her safety and the safety of her unborn calf. Once the calf hits the ground, it receives colostrum from the dam before the farmer becomes solely responsible for its wellbeing as it begins a supplementary milk and feeding regime.

NFS has a wide range of calf-related products that ensure the calf is given the best start in life.

  • Liquid Surveillance - Surveillance is a liquid feed additive that stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria, prevents the establishment of pathogens in the gut, and enhances immune function. It minimises infectious sources and maximises host immunity, decreasing the prevalence of intestinal pathogenic bacteria – specifically Clostridium.  Surveillance balance’s cellular function and supports the immune system, otherwise known as Immune Modulation. It enhances rumen function by improving digestibility, dry matter intake, and helping animals during periods of heat stress. The yeast allows the animal to fully utilise nutrients from the feed to overcome stress, build up their immune system, stabilise the ruminal environment and utilise lactic acid. It also modifies ruminal fermentation by altering select rumen microorganism ratios (colonising & re-colonising bacteria) – reduces both the high rumen ammonia and high blood urea levels – improves milk production and conception rates.

  • Elite Powerlyte Plus – A electrolyte powder that is dissolved in drinking water (100g in 2L). It can also be given directly after milk as it does not contain Bicarbonate, hence it will not inhibit the formation of the casein curd or ‘milk clot’ in the abomasum.

  • JumpStart Accelerate/Power-on Premium Calf Milk Replacer – JumpStart Accelerate and Power-on Premium Calf Milk Replacers are high-quality calf milk replacers containing premium dairy ingredients. Fortified with chelated trace minerals and vitamins, direct-fed microbials, and prebiotics to support calf health, growth, and vitality to allow your calf to reach its genetic potential.

  • JumpStart Whole Milk Additive – JumpStart Whole Milk Additive is an innovative calf whole milk supplement formulated for optimal health and accelerated growth and performance. Providing a solid immune health foundation is paramount for the animal to reach its genetic potential and JumpStart Whole Milk Additive plays a vital role in doing this.

  • JumpStart Calf Muesli – Jumpstart Calf muesli is a highly palatable, nutrient-dense muesli formulated with high levels of molasses and chaff to encourage pellet intake in calves from birth to 12 weeks of age.

  • JumpStart Calf Starter 20 Pellet – JumpStart Calf Starter 20 Pellet is a highly palatable, nutrient-dense pellet, formulated to encourage pellet intake and to deliver essential nutrients for growth and development in calves from birth to 8 weeks of age or 2 weeks post-weaning. Its high starch content promotes the rapid development of the rumen and the Lasalocid Sodium (Bovatec) is included for improved live weight gains and feed conversion efficiency, and to aid in the reduction of fecal shedding of coccidia Eimeria spp. In growing cattle.

  • JumpStart Calf Grower 18 Pellet – JumpStart Calf Grower 18 pellet is a nutrient-dense pellet formulated to support the healthy growth and development of calves post-weaning. The Lasalocid Sodium (Bovatec) component is included for improved live weight gains and feed conversion efficiency, and to aid in the reduction of fecal shedding of coccidia Eimeria spp. In growing cattle. JumpStart Calf Grower 18 pellet should be offered to calves from 2 weeks post-weaning until 6 months of age.

The diets have been designed to meet the nutritional requirements of the growing calves, ease the transition from highly digestible cows’ milk to supplementary milk and solid feed, support their immune system during this stressful period, and aid in the development of the rumen.​

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