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Protect your pigs from Heat Stress

By Emily Boothey - Nutritionist
Published 16th October 2023

Summer is knocking on the door and the hot weather is already ripping through parts of the country so it’s time to start considering the options to protect your animals against heat stress. Animals can experience heat stress from temperatures as low as 23oc, which can have detrimental effects on growth and reproductive outputs.

NFS Chill Out Premix has been developed using a variety of products to help combat the effects of heat stress. Focussing on gut functions, regulation of body temperature, maintain osmotic balance, and reducing oxidative stress.

Elite Pig Chill Out Premix

Use at 3 Kg per tonne in sow feed and 2 Kg per tonne in grower and finisher feeds. Speak to your local NFS representative today to get organised for Summer!

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