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How NFS can help farmers hit their Growth Targets

By Emily Boothey - Nutritionist
Published 27th September 2022

Given the current climate with increasing feed costs, static pig prices and variable raw material availability it’s important to make sure you’re getting the basics correct to be successful. The best way to be successful is to ensure your pigs will hit their growth targets throughout their life. This needs to be achieved from the very beginning, ensuring success from an early age. But before we can think about the piglet we need to think about the sows.

There are some important stages to consider which can impact the sow’s productivity significantly.

  • Gilt development: Meeting correct body weight target to optimise the gilts reproductive performance for her whole life.

  • Mating: Minimal stress to ensure a high conception rate and correct heat detection methods.

  • Pre-lactation and lactation- Ensuring the high nutritional requirements of the sows are being met, allowing her to have enough energy to farrow and milk well.

The NFS and ACE teams use key nutritional strategies, products, and additives during these important stages to give the sow everything she needs to be successful.

The NFS and ACE team have developed a range of top-quality proprietary diets to allow piglets the best start in life.

  • Elite Grunt 1000: Targeted at piglets weaned 23 days or less. Aim to feed 1 – 1.5kg/pig

  • Elite Super Starter 2000: Targeted at piglets weaned 23 days plus. Aim to feed 2kg/pig

  • Elite Pig Starter 510: Begin feeding from 5 weeks old or 10kg LW. Aim to feed 6 – 6.5kg/pig

  • Elite Weaner 714: Begin feeding from 7 weeks old or 14kg LW. Aim to feed 12.5 – 20kg/pig

The diets have been designed to meet the nutritional requirements of the growing piglets, ease the transition from highly digestible sows’ milk to solid feed, support their immune system during this stressful period and aid in the development of the gastrointestinal tract.

NFS Pig web header.png
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