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The Life Cycle


Weaning is “a process not an event”

Reduce Milk Production

  • Reduce milk production by strategic feeding of the ewes. Remove protein from the ewes diet but continue to supply it to the lamb. Provide a diet to the ewe that is lower in protein than the diet provided during pregnancy. Gradually transition the move from Elite Sheep 125 Concentrate Pellet to the Elite Lamb Feedlot 40. This will slightly decrease milk production to aid in weaning when the time comes. By providing the creep feeder, lambs learn to consume solid feed over milk, promote rumen development and maintain nutrient delivery.

Wean based on weight not age

  • Wean lambs on weight not age. The ideal weight to wean a lamb is 18 – 20kg. Feeding a lamb alone is easier and cheaper than feeding the ewe and lamb unit. Weaning lambs reduces the overall feed costs, increases the feed availability, extending the pasture profile and reducing pressure.

  • Weaning can begin from 8 weeks of age, given the lamb is at an appropriate weight.

National Feed Solutions Products

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