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Elite Sheep
The Life Cycle


Maintenance of Body Condition

  • Ideal Body Condition during pregnancy is 2.5 – 3.0 Ewes with a Body Condition lower or higher than the desired, will experience foetal losses, be more susceptible to health complications and if the lamb is carried to full term, may have difficulties birthing.

  • Implement a product such as Dry/Green Sheep Feed Lick + Rumiboost

Reducing risks

  • Avoid heat stress and a drop in body weight/body condition

    • Add Rumiboost to the ration to not only reduce heat stress, but to redirect energy from pumping blood to the skin to cool the animal down to pumping blood around the rumen to aid in flushing fatty acids through the system and supporting liver function.

  • Avoid toxins and seasonal risks. For example, 2016 & 2021 hay – high mould risk, leading to mycotoxin related health challenges.

Monitor Feed Levels

Maintain Mineral Reserves

  • Ensure ewes are supplied with the appropriate nutrient and minerals all year round to support a healthy pregnancy.

National Feed Solutions Products

Elite Sheep Green Feed Lick - LABEL.png
Elite Sheep 25 Dry Feed Lick - LABEL (1).png

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