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Elite Sheep
The Life Cycle


Appropriate mob size

  • Split mobs into groups (twins vs singles) and feed according to their nutritional requirements

    • Getting the protein profile right is vital for the successful delivery of multiples.

    • Maintain the amino acid profile to ensure optimum colostrum production, milk production and lamb growth. Supplement with Elite Sheep 125 Concentrate Pellets even with green feed (legumes) available. The added nutrients will increase the production of milk and the milk will have a higher protein content.

Reduce stress & increase lamb resilience

  • The addition of RumiBoost in the diet will promote overall reproductive health by ensuring glucose metabolism assisting in maintaining energy status during lambing, resulting in an easier birth, better milk production and will help minimise stress.

Support rumen development in lambs

  • Help promote the development of the rumen in lambs by providing a creep feeder set up. The creep feeder will deliver the appropriate nutrients to the lamb, without increasing production costs by feeding it to the ewe also. A creep feeder will also speed up the weaning process. Along with the creep feeder, lambs will also eat out of the self-feeder with the ewe.

Monitor Feed Levels

  • Ensure both the ewe and the lamb have access to effective fibre e.g., straw / cereal hay and pellets to promote rumination.

Mineral nutrition for the ewe

  • Elite Dry/Green Sheep Feed Lick

Ensure all animals have constant access to fresh, clean water

National Feed Solutions Products

Elite Sheep Green Feed Lick - LABEL.png
Elite Sheep 25 Dry Feed Lick - LABEL (1).png
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National Feeds - 250.png

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