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Elite Sheep
The Life Cycle


Prepare early
Start preparing immediately post weaning – ensure that when the time comes, you are already ahead of the game and stock is ready to go.

  • Mineral nutrition is vital.

  • Maintaining the fatty acid balance is crucial for hormone production and reproductive performance. If grazing on green pasture, sheep will have adequate fatty acids in their diet to support hormone production. However, if grazing dry feed, stock may need fatty acid supplementation. Fatty Acid supplementation can be a short-term fix however, 3 weeks pre – 2 weeks post joining.

  • Ensure stock are on a rising plain of nutrition.

    • Transition the move from the standard loose lick to a joining loose lick i.e., Green Feed Lick + Organic Zinc & Biotin over summer or Dry/Green Sheep Feed Lick (+ Rumiboost). The combination of ingredients will promote glucose metabolism, aiding in follicle development, improve overall reproductive health and hoof health and reduce the effects of heat stress.

Support fertility of both ewes and rams

  • More emphasis needs to be put on the rams – structural and fertility checks are vital to ensure optimum performance. The implementation of a hoof care product is highly recommended. As the rams will be moving through the mob continuously, covering large distances on foot, it is vital that hooves are healthy and structurally correct to avoid breakdown and poor performance.

  • Mineral nutrition is vital for ram fertility as it supports sperm production.

  • If this program is followed correctly, at the time of joining ewes should already have optimum fertility, be in good physical condition and be on a rising plain of nutrition to maximise conception rates.

Managing Body Condition

  • Maintain body condition score ideally between 2.5 – 3.0 Maintaining body condition scores, or improving those for thin ewes, during the first 90 days of pregnancy helps promote embryo survival. The embryo implants itself in the uterus about 3 weeks after fertilization and placental development occurs shortly after that.

National Feed Solutions Products

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