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Elite Sheep
The Life Cycle


Maximise growth by maximising feed conversion efficiency

Provide strategic supplementary feeding to complement feed on offer

  • Develop a program to ensure that your replacements are receiving more feed to prepare them for production compared to finishing animals.

  • Ensure the diet is high in energy, balanced in proteins and contains minerals and a source of effective fibre

Protein and amino acids balance

  • Use protein meals to complement and extend legume supplies. Doing this often leads to a more cost effective diet, improves feed conversion ratios and increase dressing weight.

Pre-feedlot vaccine

Provide feed ration based on weight of animals (30-50kg vs 50+kg)

  • Energy and protein requirements change.

  • Optimise feed costs in large lambs at the time they are consuming the most to optimise the cost of gain.

National Feed Solutions Products

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